Zul'Aman - 3ème boss - Halazzi, avatar du lynx

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Zul'Aman - 3ème boss - Halazzi, avatar du lynx

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Halazzi is the Lynx god of Zul'Aman. This encounter is a multi-phase fight, with phase 2 occuring every 25%. At 25%, the third phase occurs, which is essentially his humanoid form with a bit of added spice - he enrages and drops totems constantly. Thus, his hitpoints are much lower than the other animal gods in the zone, as the fight can get chaotic near the end.

VIDEO : http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=GzWGP1k0AxY

The Encounter

Phase 1 - Halazzi by himself
This is the typical portion of the encounter. Halazzi is in his humanoid form by himself, and it's fairly "tank-n-spank" with the only damage ability used being Saber Lash, which works exactly like Mother Shahraz's, though this only requires two tanks to spread the damage. Periodically Halazzi will gain a "Freny" style buff that increases his attack speed.

When Halazzi is taken down to 75% and 50%, phase 2 begins with Halazzi casting an AE which does 4000 damage to anyone it hits. He also stops using Saber Lash during phase 2.

Phase 2 - Halazzi and his spirit
This phase consists of Halazzi in his troll form, as well as Spirit of the Lynx. The troll form will need to be offtanked while the spirit is killed. Once the spirit is killed, Halazzi merges with it and phase 1 begins anew, with Halazzi at the hitpoints he was at prior to splitting (75%, 50%, etc.).

Halazzi will randomly spawn Corrupted Lightning Totems that must be killed. If not killed quickly, the totem will fire off a chain lightning ability that does 5000 Nature damage to its initial target and chains to other targets from there.

He also casts Flame Shock on a random target during this phase, which will need to be dispelled quickly as it does initial damage as well as damage-over-time.

Phase 3 - Halazzi enraged
During this phase, which begins at 25%, Halazzi becomes enraged. This phase is no different from phase 1, except that he will drop totems constantly and does increased damage due to the enrage. This is the "beat the clock" moment of the encounter, as the longer this phase lasts, the less likely you are to defeat Halazzi. Maximum DPS during this phase is imperative.

Recap of Abilities

Phase 1

Saber Lash : This is a frontal "cleave" type ability that hits for 47500-52500 Physical and spreads its damage across each target it hits. If this hits a single target, it'll likely spell doom for your attempt, so it's important to have at least 2 targets soaking up this damage.

Phase 2
Corrupted Lightning Totem : Halazzi will spawn Corrupted Lightning Totems which cast chain lightning for 5000 Nature damage. The totems need to be killed quickly.

Flame Shock : Periodically, Halazzi will cast this on a random target in the raid. It does 4275-4725 Fire damage initially and 2775-3225 every 3 seconds for 12 seconds. It's crucial to dispell this immediately when someone is hit by it.

Phase 3
Corrupted Lightning Totem : Halazzi will spawn Corrupted Lightning Totems much more frequently than phase 1, which cast chain lightning for 5000 Nature damage. The totems need to be killed quickly.

Halazzi will enrage during this phase, increasing his damage done.

Halazzi Loot
Avalanche Leggings
Robe of Departed Spirits
Shimmer-pelt Vest
Shoulderpads of Dancing Blades
Skullshatter Warboots
Spaulders of the Advocate
The Savage's Choker

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