Zul'Aman - 6ème Boss - Zul'Jin

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Zul'Aman - 6ème Boss - Zul'Jin

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Zul'jin is the final boss of Zul'Aman. If you'd like, you can read more about the history of Zul'jin; it provides a great deal of information on this storied Warcraft character.


The Encounter
This is a multi-phase encounter, with phase changes every 20%. It's important to note that Zul'jin wipes threat every time the phase changes, so be prepared to throttle DPS when he switches phases. He starts out as his normal troll form, then switches to a bear, an eagle, a lynx and then finally, a dragonhawk for the last 20%.

Phase 1 - Zul'jin the troll
In this phase, Zul'jin uses two abilities in addition to his normal melee damage. One is a Whirlwind that strikes targets in melee range, the other is a random target ability similar to the one used by Rokmar the Crackler in The Slave Pens.

Phase 2 - Bear form
Phase 2 begins with Zul'jin wiping threat and taking on the aspect of the captured bear spirit nearby. He immediately fires off Creeping Paralysis, which is a dispellable debuff that has a 6 second duration. If not dispelled, it will cause 3000-3500 damage and stun for 4 seconds. He can also hit fairly hard in this phase, so keep the tank topped off when possible in case a healer is stunned by Creeping Paralysis.

Phase 3 - Eagle form
Phase 3 begins with Zul'jin wiping threat and taking on the aspect of the captured eagle spirit nearby. He spawns Energy Storms around the room in random locations that knock back anyone they come in contact with, as well as causing around 1k damage. Casters during this phase (including healers) will be hit for 1250 damage each time they cast a spell.

Phase 4 - Lynx form
Phase 4 begins with another threat wipe and Zul'jin taking on the aspect of the captured lynx spirit nearby. He will fixate on random targets, causing them to take additional damage for the duration of the fixate; Intervene is very useful here. After about 10 seconds Zul'jin returns his attention to the tank. He will also Whirlwind similar to Kargath Bladefist in The Shatter Halls; he's not rooted in place during this so he'll move around hitting random targets.

Phase 5 - Dragonhawk form
Phase 5 begins with a threat wipe and Zul'jin taking on the aspect of the captured dragonhawk spirit nearby. During this phase, he will cast a flame buffet-style buff that increases fire damage taken. Additionally, he will spawn a beam of fire (think void zones, ala Netherspite) under random targets in the raid which pulse fire damage. If that person isn't fully topped off, they will likely die; move out of the beam quickly. Staying away from/out of the beams of fire is important for this phase of the encounter.

Recap of Abilities

Phase 1 - Zul'jin the troll
Grievous Throw - Inflicts 2850-3150 Physical damage and causes target to bleed for 2375 every 2 seconds until fully healed.
Whirlwind - Attacks enemies within 8 yards every 2 seconds for 4 seconds, dealing normal damage plus 50.

Phase 2 - Bear form
Creeping Paralysis - Zul'jin pulses this periodically. Debuff that lasts for 6 seconds; can be dispelled. If not dispelled, casts "Paralyzed." Paralyzed inflicts 3000-3500 Physical damage and stuns for 4 seconds.

Phase 3 - Eagle form
Energy Storm - Creates an Energy Storm, causing spell casts by nearby players to damage them for 1250 Nature damage.

Phase 4 - Lynx form
Fixate - Causes Zul'jin to focus on a random target in the raid, increasing the damage he does to them for 10 seconds.

Phase 5 - Dragonhawk form
Flame Whirl - Increases Fire damage taken by 75%; cannot be dispelled; stacks up to 25 times.
Pillar of Fire - Creates a Column of Fire under a target, damaging anyone within 4 yards for 810-990 Fire damage per second for 25 seconds.

Zul'jin Loot
Ancient Aqir Artifact
Ancient Sin'dorei Longbow
Berserker's Call
Blade of Twisted Visions
Blood of Zul'jin - Reward for quest is 10 Badges of Justice. Can be looted by one person in the raid.
Chestguard of the Warlord
Cleaver of the Unforgiving
Dark Blessing
Grimgrin Faceguard
Hauberk of the Empire's Champion
Jin'rohk, The Great Apocalypse
Loop of Cursed Bones
Two-toed Sandals

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